Conditions of Enrolment

Please be aware that by signing and submitting a registration form, you are accepting the following terms and conditions. Please familiarise yourself with them.

  • Classes are booked and paid for in advance and are payable before or by the first lesson.
  • A R100 penalty will be added for fees that are late by a week or more.
  • Lessons NOT PAID for or NOT ATTENDED for 2 sessions without notice/informing the school may be allocated to someone else and will not be made up for by the instructor.
  • Lessons cancelled continuously due to occasional illness cannot be credited.
  • A maximum of 2 missed lessons per term may be made up ON CONDITION that there is space in other classes or available slots for private lessons, otherwise these will be forfeited. Missed lessons disrupt continuity and interfere with progress.
  • If a lesson does not happen due to an instructor cancelling, this WILL be made up.There will be NO REFUNDS.
  • The onus is on you as a client to make the school aware of any known medical irregularities.
  • Infants on medication must have the written consent of their doctor.
  • Avoid BIG feeds within an hour of a lesson. A snack for after the lesson is advisable.
  • Do not get into the pool before lessons nor remain after the lesson if another session starts immediately after yours
  • Never leave during a lesson without notifying your instructor
  • Use tissues provided to wipe runny noses.
  • Parents who will be in the water with young ones, please tie up your hair if it’s long.
  • The instructor’s responsibility ends once the class is dismissed.

Though your safety and that of your little one is of utmost concern, as the adult/parent you assume all risk of joining the program. Thabiso Sikwane (as owner) and the instructor(s) at the school are therefore indemnified against any claims which may arise as a result of participation. The owner and instructors reserve the right of admission . The owner and instructor(s) shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the injury of a member or any other person present at the premises regardless of how such an event is caused and furthermore will not be liable for any possessions of the member or any other person, whilst the member or any other person are on the premises. This waiver is unconditional and is given in my personal capacity, and in my capacity as a father/mother and/or natural or legal guardian of any minor concerned. All the facilities or equipment on the premises are used by everyone at their own risk.